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Posted on 26-04-2012
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The general response to the recently released Windows 8 Consumer Preview hasn’t been entirely positive. That does not mean that all is lost, though. With the first Windows 8 products widely expected to debut in the later part of 2012, Microsoft still has some time on its hands to make amends. If Microsoft does intend to make some important changes, they will most probably be part of the Windows 8 Release Candidate. But when exactly will the software giant deliver the Release Candidate?

The answer, according to, is late May or early June. The site claims that the Release Candidate of Windows 8 will include some “light” UI changes as far as the Charms bar, Internet Explorer 10 (desktop version), and the language input menu are concerned. It further claims that the Customer Experience Improvement Program will be disabled by default.

This latest Windows 8 rumor follows close on the heels of a Bloomberg report that hinted at an October launch for Windows 8. When asked to comment on these rumors by CNET, Microsoft refused, saying it had nothing to share.

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