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Posted on 12-07-2012
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At Microsoft’s annual Worldwide Partner Conference in Toronto, Windows Chief Marketing Officer and CFO Tami Reller shared some exciting news regarding the next milestones in Windows 8 to thousands of partners from around the world.

Tami confirmed that Windows 8 will be released to manufacturing (RTM) the first week of August, just only a month from now, and it will reach general availability by the end of October, meaning that Windows 8 and Windows RT PCs will be available to buy or upgrade from all major retail stores. She also mentioned that Windows 8 will be available in 109 languages across 231 markets worldwide.

The gap between RTM and general public availability is to let the developers to start working on their apps and making money out of it. However, as of now, with the Windows 8 Release Preview, all apps are still free of charge for all of us to try and enjoy.

As revealed earlier, the existing Windows users, including those XP and Windows 8 Release Preview users, are eligible for the upgrade promotion for only $39.99, as long as you remember to take advantage of it before January 31, 2013.

The upgrading path from previous Windows to Windows 8 is also much simpler than before with only 4 editions to choose from.

The official release of Windows 8 in October is also quite remarkable in another way that Microsoft has successfully made their develop milestone complete on time over the course of past 3 years, since exactly 3 years ago Windows 7 was officially released to the public in October 2009.

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