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My Computer icon at top left part of desktop screen has been very important part of Windows. Unfortunately, by default this icon is missing from the desktop on new Windows 8 operating system. You can easily restore and display My Computer icon on Windows 8 desktop screen. Also, you have option to add My Computer shortcut to metro user interface of Windows 8 operating system for even quicker access.

How to show My Computer icon on Windows 8 desktop?

  1. On your Windows 8 computer, right click on the desktop screen and then click Personalize option. This will open Personalization window on the screen.
  2. Click on Change Desktop Icons option at top left part of Personalization window. This will open Desktop Icons settings window.
  3. Click to check (with tick) Computer option. Then click on Apply and OK button. Now you should see My Computer icon at top left part of the desktop screen. Easy, isn’t it?

How to add My Computer shortcut to Windows 8 metro start screen?

  1. First add My Computer icon to desktop screen using above procedure. Once it is added, right click on Computer icon and then click pin to start option.
  2. Now press Win key to toggle to metro user interface. You should see Computer shortcut on the metro start screen.

From now on, you can quickly open My Computer window using either desktop icon or Computer shortcut on metro start screen.

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