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Posted on 11-10-2012
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I have a Windows 8 tablet and I was changing the login password and when I reboot the PC it asks me for the admin password in order to enter windows xp tablet pc edition. The password I set is not being excepted and I wanted to know if anyone has a way around this, like resetting or removing the admin password.

Forgot the login password on your Windows 8 tablet PC? The easiest way is to reset your forgotten password by creating a password reset bootdisk. Boot the tablet from the bootdisk and you can erase the forgotten password in Windows SAM database.

How to Reset Windows 8 Tablet Password?

First you need to create a password reset bootdisk on your desktop or laptop PC. Download the Reset Windows Password tool, unzip the download file and you’ll get the ResetWindowsPwd.iso image file. You can burn the bootable ISO image to a blank CD or USB flash drive with ISO2Disc.

Next insert the bootdisk into your locked tablet PC. Power on the tablet and set CD or USB as the first boot device in BIOS. If you don’t know how to boot into BIOS, please refer to your tablet’s manual.

Once your tablet is booting from the bootdisk, it will load the Windows PE operating system inside the bootdisk and start the Reset Windows Password program.

Under the main screen of Reset Windows Password, select your Windows SAM file. It will display all Windows user accounts existing in your tablet.

Choose the user account whose password you forgot, and then click Reset Password button, it will remove your forgotten password instantly.

Finally, remove the Windows password reset bootdisk and reboot your tablet PC, you should be able to log on your tablet with a blank password. This trick also works with Windows 7 and Windows XP tablet PC.

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